Funniest Comedies

Author Cedric M. Faz

My favorite comedy is Fierce Creatures. A 1997 film starring John Cleese, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Kline and Michael Palin. After the worldwide success of “A fish named Wanda” The same team of actors is repeating for another film on the theme of the Zoo.

Summary: Rollo Lee, a zoo director, finds that the number of visitors has gone downhill lately and has the “brilliant” idea of ​​presenting only ferocious creatures to attract the crowd. This project will be strongly criticized by all animal guardians. Until two Americans, Weston and McCain, land in the middle of this business as new owners of the park.

Okay but why is this the funniest movie?

Because it portrays actors perfect in their roles. John Cleese is splendid in the role of the zoo keeper, head of Turkish and quickly overwhelmed by the events. Kevin Kline plays two roles, one of a rich eccentric and two of his son, greedy and ambitious. Jami lee Curtis she plays the seductive secretary but at the same time career oriented. The characters will then meet in absurd and hilarious scenes. A flamingo rape? Or the killing of a man by a monkey? Poor Rollo Lee is going to be mistaken for mentally ill, psychopathic and seductive by his employers after a multitude of misunderstandings and situational confusions.

With finely written dialogues such as:

“Are you sure you know the animals?” – Yes, I eat them regularly. “

And the famous:

“So that’s a conversation that two men must have when one of them is a woman !!!”

This is a film that I gladly offer to people who want to laugh intelligently to the subtle and unexpected humor of this English comedy so well done.

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