The Naugthy Good Boy

Author Pauline Lachamp

When my son was very small (about 3 years old) he was extremely sociable. To punish him, he was isolated in a recessed corner of the living room “his corner”. It was in the eye, but it was back, a little isolated. There was a curtain attached to the side that hid it a little.

When he transgressed a rule, when he did not stand well, when he was too angry or otherwise, one said to him: “you go in your corner, to calm you, if you do not know how to hold you well with us you stay alone “. In general, he came back 5 minutes later saying “I sorry”, or “now I fine and quiet”.

One day, silence. With children in general and my son in particular, the silence is suspicious. I see the food closet door open, I’ll see, the whole box of empty chocolate bars. I’m looking for the naughty boy. I find him in the recess, sitting on a small chair, with a book and a game, eating the bars of chocolate, his mouth smeared with chocolate. He raises his head, looks at me and says “I’m good, I’m in my corner”.

Do not laugh !!! Especially do not laugh !!! Run out to laugh but not in front of him.

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