My Cat comforts Me When I Am Sick

Bianca Crespi

You have a nurse cat! All cats are not, but some of them have the capacity to feel that their master is sick, or sad, and come to take care of it, to comfort him and try, in their own way, to make him heal .

They’ll purr for hours at your side, they’ll often get to the place where you’re hurting, and the vibrations produced by their purring have a relaxing power on the muscles stiffened by pain, and – this would be proven by various scientific studies – would lower blood pressure.

I had three cats in my life who had that talent. Besides, they knew how to be as protective of other people and animals of the house, not leaving them if they were sick.

Here is a famous nursing cat, named Radamenès, who “works” in Poland in a pet hospital. No small patient escapes its good care.

Wonderful little felines.

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