My furr ball loves me more than anything

Author Alain Herbert

Hello. I think my dog ​​loves me more than anything. He shows it to me through the many cuddles he gives me before I go to work and when I come back. Enzo also shows me all his love through his fidelity. Last year, two burglars entered my home, but my little hairball protected me from being hit in my place when I was on the ground.

Author Savannah Piquot

I know that my pet really loves me. What I have noticed is that my dog ​​tends to stand in front of me as if to protect me when there is a stranger knocking on the door. And then, when I feel bad, he often comes to hug me. It is adorable.

Author Thomas Lemarchant

The time my friend and I were attacked by a father and his son who also lynched me 2 on 1, our Yuki Ninja chihuahua weighing 2 kg, came to mingle with the fight in s’ interposing in the middle of a pack of crazy and edgy legs that remember it still did nearly 150 times its weight ….! and as I bowed my head with my fists and knees, I could see my little girl want to intervene and defend me against these cowards, without trembling or fear for his life, all this to protect me …!

Since that day I understood that his love was unconditional and every time I remember this moment, a wave of happiness and countless other inexplicable feelings, makes an explosion of emotion seize me.

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