What We Learned Too Late In Our Life

Author Mohamed Semeunacte

97 out of 100 adults lead their lives without knowing where they are going, and if what they are doing will produce the desired results in the future.

Even better ?

These same adults have hardly ever taken the time to build precise and consistent goals over time. They lead what I call “default lives”. These people do what they do because they did it yesterday. No other reason.

They do what they do because others pay them to do it. They go where They go because others pay them to do it.

What would happen if …

The children were brought up with this simple assertion:

My heart, what I tell you is true for me. I do not know if it will be true for you! My life path is different from yours. I will do my best to help you find your way but I will surely make a lot of mistakes trying. It’s called being human. Remember that I love you!

Author Zoé Larose

We learn too late that the best ally should be oneself because if we are not benevolent towards ourselves, where will we find the capacity to be with others?

We learn too late that nothing bad will happen by going to others and each person we met in our lives could have brought us something, I love ‘the unknown tramway’ to interview people all the days, transportation could be a wonderful place for meetings.

We learn too late to listen to food because of our strict meal schedules.

We learn too late that we will never give enough, in time, in defense of causes, in everyday attention to our loved ones, it should be constantly new challenges and bring as much in both directions.

We learn too late that it’s never too late to follow what drives us, that money will never be a tool and not a goal to pursue forever because it brings neither the best memories nor the best comfort of life, the link to others and to oneself and the congruence between what one thinks and does will bring it.

And even if all these sentences are repetitions of repetitions since the dawn of time, one can always, every day do more to get closer to the ideal that one makes oneself.

Author Alex X

According to me and my experiences (so it’s subjective):

• To believe in yourself

• That life is simple, but not easy

• Today must be our favorite day

• To love oneself without hurting others

• That our happiness depends only on us


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