I Was Adopted By a Cat

Author Nolwenn Whatevs

One day, while I was coming back from school, I see a cat in my garden. And to say that stray cats, there are many where I lived, but I know them all. This one had a very bad head, too.

I remember then that my dad told me about a new cat around, and that he was hungry (a neighbor had seen this new cat fight all claws out with his just to access the bowl).

I take pity, and bring back one of our many bowl filled with croquettes. The cat was so hungry that it only took a few seconds to think before approaching me (as much to tell you that, knowing the stray cats, I was more than surprised, they usually wait for you to leave before coming to see the bowl, especially when they do not know you).

The cat eats (devours) therefore the bowl under my eyes, and I have to give him more to eat so I had a heart ache. And then, once he’s filled up, he approached me.

I did not say anything, and sat cross-legged to see what this cat would do. I was 15 at the time, and I dreamed of having one.

When he’s close enough, I try to pet him. No fear coming from the cat, he even begins to purr like a motor, and I’m thrilled.

A few seconds later, this cat climbs on my lap, and lies down. Before falling asleep. Yes, fall asleep.

I was literally in shock. This cat was hungry and exhausted, so much that he was ready to fall asleep on the lap of a stranger.

Of course, after that, I wanted to adopt it. My father told me no (and knowing that me and my sister lived alone with him, it’s the only one who really said no, but it was because of his allergy).

So I let this cat come in multiple times, even managed to sleep with me, but of course it was not sustainable and my father caught me the next day.

So I put it back outside, and fed it. Then I went to class, hoping to see it again at night.

This was the case, and I spent a few moments with it before, because of the cold of February, I had to come back home.

I give him food, and then live my life.

That’s the night when it happenned.

My dad and my sister were watching something on TV, around 9 pm, and I’m wearing my headphones over my ears. I take it off for two seconds to talk to them, but I can clearly see that there is a strange noise. So I ask them since they did not seem to worry.

“It’s the cat scratching at the door. “

As if it were normal.

So I ask them how long.

“Oh, for 20 minutes. “

I was stunned. How can we watch a series quietly, while you clearly hear a cat scratching desperately at the door for 20 minutes ?!

At that time, I did not think, and I just said that this cat was going to stay at home, or we were going to find something for him.

She looks a little bad the first time we saw it, but it was really a lovely cat. She never meowed, never complained, purred all the time, followed me everywhere … my grandmother and my father were sure she was trying to say my name when she was looking for me.

This is how we welcomed Peluche (or Moumoune, for the intimate). Apparently it was a girl, but the doctors were not sure because she was very old. They also told us that she probably was abandoned because of her age (she must have been over 15 years old), and / or her health problems.

It was also noticed that she had to be beaten (when she pooped on the floor in the office because she did not know where her litter was, she immediately hid under a table out of reach).

It was not an outdoor cat, it was clear. She never spent more than 15 minutes outside, and only during the summer when Madame could have a tan.

Everyone loved it, and my grandmother who was cats phobic could overcome her fear with it.

Unfortunately, she was very old and after a year, even treating her daily with bites, her condition eventually got worse and she had to be euthanized once and for all.

He was the most adorable cat in the world. Honestly, it made me think and tell me that I did not want to buy animals anymore, but to rescue them. The experience was amazing, and I would not have thought of attaching myself as much to an animal in just one year.


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