The Surprising Effect Of Pasta And Pesto

Author Emile Khachem

At the risk of being ridiculous, one of the things that moved me the most was a simple pasta lunch.

I was in Siena with my family during the summer holidays. We had spent the morning visiting the city and its monuments, and I was already very moved by the beauty of everything around me.

At around 1pm, we began to feel the effects of hunger, so we went looking for a place where we could eat.

We set our sights on a nice little restaurant, which seemed quite basic, and which was one of the few not to be overloaded with guests.

I ordered a plate of pasta with pesto, remembering I had already eaten at home and enjoyed. But the moment I bring the first fork to my mouth, I start crying, literally. I burst into tears, truly subjugated by what was happening in my mouth. It was far from Panzani sauce from home.

Although this is not really the most intense emotional experience one can experience, I always think of it with astonishment. It is the banality of the situation that is surprising. Proof that you can really find emotion and beauty anywhere anytime.

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