Adopting An Older Dog ?

Author Camille Clergue

Sarah is quite remarkable. She was horribly abused. She had scars in her face, cigarette burns in her stomach, cancerous breast tumors and bad teeth … all the symbols of what that sweet soul endured.

This is her picture at the shelter.

We took Sarah in our backpack almost 3 years ago.

She began to get a glimpse of what a normal, happy life could be.

At first she was afraid of my husband, affection, cars, etc., but learning to be loved, she remained a noble and gentle person.

She came out of her shell and learned to enjoy life as a beloved and spoiled she was always supposed to be.

She likes to sniff and play. She walks every day with her six friends, mostly older siblings.

She loves beaches, trails, forest …. and learned that the car is not scary and that it can take you to magical places with so many wonderful smells.

She is adored by Rusty Bucket, Sadie, Lacie Cakes, Willow, Audrey and Chrissy.

Plus all 7 cats.

She pursues squirrels and butterflies. She loves sweets, cheese and chicken and gently takes them in our hands.

She is my shadow. There is nothing more soothing than listening to his tiny snores.

If you are considering adopting an animal, please consider an older pet. They are often overlooked, but you have the chance to give and receive love in its purest form.

So, a resounding YES, I would absolutely recommend to adopt an old dog, a cat, a pig, a horse, a chicken, a lizard … This is Sarah this morning. Always so strong!

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