Truth Always Triumphs

Author Myriam Provost Gariépy

I have never felt as strong and free since I publicly and intimately express all my vulnerability in naming my deepest truths.

Links are created in depth and quickly when they take root in the heart. That’s what I live with you. A heart to heart link …

I feel myself becoming stronger. Closer. Linked. More and more transparent and true. I see ourselves taking our courage in our hands to freely express our being without seeking to please or protect, beyond appearances and fears.

The real courage is to know how to expose yourself when you have the feeling of being in danger … The courage and the authenticity is to take the non-negotiable risk of being yourself, even if it disturbs. Even if we are judged and not understood. Even if we are not recognized and loved.

Courage is daring to stand up for our values, for justice and truth, whatever others say and do. It is to anchor ourselves deep enough in our faith and our intuition to let neither external situations nor others get us away from our inner truth when it is difficult to tame, accept and honor.

I am a warrior. I am a raw soul. True. Who refuses the masks. And the more I say and show myself as I am, the more I encourage other souls to live fully in their hearts and relationships.

The less secrets, the more freedom. The more truth, the less discomfort.

The more love, the less masks.

Truth always triumphs. All that is hidden ends sooner or later by separating us; self, and others.

I have nothing to hide. I am whole and without compromise. I am and tell everything I feel. I do not have to give a glimpse of a universe different from the one I live from within.

A relationship is two truths and two universes that bow to each other. It is the total welcome of oneself and the other.

A relationship is a playground to practice being oneself.

And there is no more fulfilling than the bonds where the truth is honored, because they allow us to hear and share without resistance and without judgment the echo of our soul.

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