Gifts From My Cat

Author Hannah Holguin

A few years ago, my cat Gremlin became friends with a skunk and his babies. Without my knowledge. I could not understand how I spent so much on cat food with one cat, and the bowl of food was in my room since I lived with my roommates. It lasted about a month, and I noticed that my room had a strange smell that I could not get rid of.

One day, I stayed at home because I had the worst migraine of my life. The room was dark and I heard all those little feet walking around. So, I open my curtains a little and there, in the bowl of cat food, there is Gremlin, a skunk mother, and 4 babies, who all eat. After that, I had to move the bowl of cat food out because the babies were friends with me and their mom did not like me. After a few months, the babies all went their own way and I finally managed to give some fruits from my hand to the mother.

My cat also brought me bats, chicks, ducklings, rats, mice, ground squirrels, various types of birds, neighbors’ beagle puppies, snakes, lizards, insects, kittens, bottle caps, and the last time I took Gremlin to the campsite, he came back with a baby deer in our tent.

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