How two toddlers transformed a family

Author Lillie Tidwell

My husband was in the military. We had applied to adopt and had gone through all of the necessary channels and had two ALMOSTS (where the adoptions fell through).

I was home alone and got THE call. Two little girls, biological sisters, needed a home and we were the perfect match. Could we come and pick them up that weekend?! Once I collected myself and got a grip on my emotions, I called my husband at work to break the news to him. I said “Hi. Got something to ask you. Do you think we could go pick up our new daughters Saturday?”. Dead silence on his end. I was panicking when one of his co-workers picked up the phone and asked me if everything was ok. I said yes and asked where my husband was. His friend said “He went tearing outta here like the place was on fire. He was crying.”. So, I then got to tell his good friend our news.

Later, I learned that my husband’s commander was in the middle of a meeting with the base commander. He said his office door flew open and my husband came roaring into the room screaming! He said he flung himself into the middle of the meeting/floor and screamed “IT’S GIRLS! IT’S GIRLS! IT’S GIRLS!”, then, leapt up and ran office to office with the announcement. The General looked at the Colonel and said “Is he ok?” to which the commander, through tears, said “Yes. He just became a father for the first time.”. We received a lovely gift and card from the base commander.

The second part of this was my parents. They knew we had applied to adopt, but, weren’t aware of how “close” we’d come. We decided to wait until the girls were placed with us before we told anyone at home. It just happened to be my father’s birthday the day we brought our daughters home. I called my father to wish him a happy birthday. After I had told him, I handed the phone to my oldest new daughter (she was 2) and she said “Happy Birthday Pawpaw!”. I took the phone back and my mother was yelling “What’s wrong?! What’s happened?” in a terrified voice. I asked where my dad was and Mama said “He’s on the floor crying! What’s wrong?!”. I handed the phone back to my daughter and she said “Hi Grammy! I’m Tammy.”. I heard my mother’s cry! I took the phone back and it was several moments before any of us could regain control of our emotions. My parents were at our house within 3 days.

That was one of the greatest days of my life.

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