A Pleasant, Positive and Easy Patient Make Nurses Days Happy

Author Brigitte Pauzé

My husband’s aunt was traveling with my spouse’s sister. Both were on the highway on a beautiful day in July. Nevertheless, my spouse’s sister did a wrong maneuver and the car rolled over several times.

As a result, the aunt, who had her arm a little out of the window, found herself with her arm cut close to her elbow. She was taken to the nearest hospital for essential care.

My husband’s sister came home with her other sister, but she had nothing. My partner and I went to find the aunt so that she does not find herself alone in the middle of nowhere.

In my life, I have never seen such a positive person. She had been retired for only 2 months and lived alone. She would end up in an apartment with one hand less (and especially that it was his hand that she used the most). She took responsibility (for having her hand outside the window), did not ask the nurses or doctors anything (many of them came to us to tell us how our aunt was a patient model, kind , so little oriented towards herself and very PATIENT! – some have even offered to spend part of her recovery at one of them!). After all, she had just lost a part of her arm and I know that I would have whined, in large quantities for her! We took her to a hospital in Montreal (where she lives) and she never complained.

I have never known anyone who is so easy and so pleasant as a patient, even if I am not a doctor or a nurse.


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