Author Rebecca Brown

Incredibly! After 12 years of trying we finally had a baby girl. He was there from start to discharge. They allowed him there for everything. He wiped her down and got first cuddles, helped them weigh her. He helped her latch for her first feed etc. He was covered in vernix. He watched my emergency C section while holding onto my hand only centimeters from the operating table. He supported my shoulders when I got my epi(before we knew it was going to end in c section). He stayed over night every night in hospital. He was forever getting me tea, drinks, food. He changed my bloody pads, put hit water on my back to ease the bruising from the epi (it took 8 tries to get in), he changed every nappy, shampooed my hair, snuck me in a bottle of coke from the canteen lol.

When we got home he even cleaned me up and did my injections for blood thinners, he covered and fixed my wound when the stitches busted open, he cooked for me. There was nothing he didnt do! 10 months later and he is much the same now. I’m just able to do more now. I’ve had complications though. I have a spinal leak from the epi site not healing and bad pains from that. My surgery site is still red and sore. It’s been a year on july 7th.


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