Baby Surprise !

Jessica Ralston

My partner was just completely shell shocked. It still wasn’t real to us that I was actually pregnant and that we were actually becoming parents (I didn’t find out till 27 weeks but that’s another story.) I ended up going into labour at 41+3 and two days before my scheduled induction. I didn’t realise it was labour due to it being back pain only and I was having contractions since40 weeks so just brushed it off.

By the time he got to the hospital (my mum drove me as He was at his flat and asleep) I had gone from 7cm which was what I was at when I arrived to 9 but was happily bouncing around on my birthing ball and on gas and air so life was good.

He was surprisingly supportive during the pushing stage and my mum still laughs at his reaction when he seen her head crowning but she became stuck at this point, my contractions stopped and she just wasn’t for coming out. I started to panic and was in pain so he started to worry if the baby was okay (she was chilled and showing no cause for concern so they just left her where she was).

He was there holding my hand when they broke my waters and restarted my contractions which was more painful then anything else throughout my labour, he was panicked because he was worried something would happen to her since she was stuck for a good while but they eventually decided after my many calls for help and the baby not moving much further to move onto an episiotomy and ventrouse delivery. According to my mum his jaw dropped he went into complete shock and just went white as soon as the head was delivered, he couldn’t stop looking at her in awe and was completely mindblown about the whole event.

He was also extremely lucky he had gotten up for a reason he still doesn’t know or he would’ve missed our 7lbs 3oz bundle of joy being brought into the world. Just complete shock overtook the both of us and it did take a while to come round to the idea haha.

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