Winning a Lawsuit

Author Tracy Hall

A friend of mine had won a small claims court case against a man who refused to pay. After trying to collect to no avail, a court clerk told her that she could file paperwork with the court every few years that would keep the case ‘active’. Even though this wasn’t advice (clerks can’t give legal advice), my friend diligently paid a small amount every few years. She did this over the course of 20 years not knowing if she would ever recoup her money.

Then she met me. I was just starting out as an investigator and I adored her. We’re friends to this day, after ten years. So, I perform a background on this man that refused to pay her for almost twenty years! I find that he owns two used car dealerships and a home.

We get an attorney involved because now, with interest, he owes her almost $85,000! The attorney gets all the paperwork in order and contacts the local police where the car lots are.

Everything went down perfectly! Both car lots were taped off and the locksmith changed the locks on the doors. The owner is throwing an absolute FIT calling his attorney and threatening to sue everyone.

The next day, her attorney was presented with a check that covered the lawsuit plus interest as well as all the attorney’s fees.

She treated me to five days in Vegas that I still have problems remembering all of. We had a BLAST!

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