Paths to Happiness

Author Bernadette Gray

In my humble opinion, the most direct path to happiness and success is to love yourself and your fellow man. Your graciousness will win you friends, connections, and success in what ever you undertake.

Success is not counted in accumulated wealth. It is counted in friends, family, and the people who respect you. If you have made people happy, helped when you could, gave when you should have, or handed a person a single flower and made them happy, you have succeeded.

Author Brett Crawford

There are no guarantees in life. What is success? What is happiness? A happy circumstance for you might make me miserable. In my mind, success is being happy. If money makes you happy, strive for money. If watching sitcoms makes you happy, buy the biggest tv you can get. My greatest happiness comes from my wife, our children and our critters. For you, do what makes you happy and you will, by my definition, be successful.

Author Camilo Jr Villanueva

Having lived a very simple life, I guess the most direct way to happiness and success is to just do what you love and do best given what you have, can access, and know; then, success in your own way, outside and beyond of social parameters, would come naturally with no expectations, pressures, or deadends.

Author Pretty Wise

Self love, gratitude, doing good for others (physically, mentally, and spiritually), being grateful, and sharing your love with people. And of course making money as well.

Author Elizabeth Courtney

Follow your own gut and realize nobody else’s opinion here truly matters.

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