The Jeweler

Author Aisha Hashmi

When I was working at Kay Jewelers, I was selling a wedding ring set to a very nice and humble gentleman. He bought the nicest ring he could afford; it was almost 2 carats.

A day later, he and his fiancee came into the store together and the man looked extremely uncomfortable. She walked over to the counter where I was and asked me if I was the salesperson and I confirmed indeed; I was. She then proceeded to, loudly, I might add, that she could not possibly get married with such a poor choice of ring and that if it was not at least 4 carats, then she would not marry him. She promptly left the store.

I advised the gentleman that it isn’t the ring that is important, it is the choice of partner, and that he should reconsider his choice. As for myself, I have been married 34 years and told him that my husband bought me Gussi perfume, not Gucci and I was fine with it because he did not have to buy anything at all and it is the thought and love behind the gift sometimes, not the gift itself.

He asked for a full refund and left happy. I still think of him often and hope he found a woman who loved him for himself, not the ring he could afford.

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