Standing Up

Author Debbie Harrington

I walked out my front door one afternoon to find my 92 year old German neighbor Hedwig, a holocaust survivor, in her nightgown, lecturing our new neighbor ( 6ft. 200 lb. African American man ). She had witnessed him beat his stepson up in their front yard. She questioned his abuse towards his stepson telling him it was wrong. She told him that his stepson deserved a good father figure, and he agreed with her, after about 15 min. he was almost in tears.

That evening I went over to her house and told her that ,I thought what she did was very dangerous confronting him on her own, and she agreed with me. Later the two of them became very good friends, I think he has seen her as a mother like figure to him.

She was the bravest woman I have ever met, her son went to law school with Joe Biden and was his best man, and later bought a salt mine becoming a millionaire. It didn’t matter how big you were, what color you were, or how much money you had if you did something wrong then she was going to let you know. She recently passed away and I miss her dearly, she is one of the few people in my life that has inspired me in many ways.

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