Protecting Bill

Author Dave Eagle

I have. My senior year in high school my car broke down and I was forced to ride the school bus home. Since my classes ended earlier I had to wait an extra hour at the school and then get on the bus. My little sister rode the bus. The first day I got on the bus my sister told me that there were two brothers (who were bullies) that were picking on this kid. This poor kid (we will call him Bill) has a physical condition where his neck was deformed. My sister reported to me that the bullies made his everyday life a living hell. They would empty his bag out over the floor and throw his books all over the place, pester him by flicking his ears, and physically hurt him. They also enjoyed calling him clever little names they made up because of his physical condition (he had a neck deformity and his head was always bent over to the side). 

Therefore, for the rest of my time on the school bus I made it my personal mission to make life hell for these two bullies. You see, I was a Varsity Wrestler and was not a weakling. Everyday, I found a way to make life hell for these to kids to show them how they made Bill feel. I didn’t physically hurt them but I pestered the hell out of them. I remember seeing Bill sit there on the school bus looking out the window with a peaceful little smile on his face. 

This all happened years ago, probably 1996 or 97. Years later I saw the two brothers in a gas station. They looked all dirty like they had been working construction. And years after that I ran into Bill again. He was a gas station attendant. I recognized him immediately because of his neck. He greeted me with a smile, and remembered my name. 

Lesson to be learned. I’m not proud that I was the avenger on the school bus. I wasn’t smart enough to find another way to solve the problem. Bullies are kids that typically people that have something going wrong in the home. It could be abuse, lack of love, parents that hate their jobs, etc. There are many reasons. Sometimes it could be just because kids are evil. If you are raising a bully check yourself first. Do you need to change as a parent? Are you a bully? Remember, what goes around comes around either in this life or the next. Do you know someone that’s being bullied? Try to be their friend and defend them with non-violent means if possible. You just might save someone’s life.

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