Becoming a Parent

Author Angel Searle

My husband and I tried to have a baby for over 11 years before finally succeeding.

In the end, what ultimately worked for us was a complete and solid year of support from a reproductive endocrinologist who moved heaven and earth to put my cycle back on track. He made me take a medicine to make me have my period, then a drug to make me produce follicles. Two weeks after the beginning of my cycle, I had an ultrasound to make sure my follicles were ripe, then I had an injection that forced me to ovulate.

I stayed in this rigid cycle of medication and forced fertility for a year before he felt frustrated that it did not work then I did an exploratory surgery where it was discovered that I had severe endometriosis and that my internal anatomy was completely fucked. My reproductive organs were “stuck” to each other, covered with dirt and stuck to my intestines.

He cleaned everything up, removed a huge fibroid tumor from my uterus and did a procedure called ovarian drilling where he burned several dozen holes in one of my ovaries to overstimulate it.

I got pregnant two months later.

We returned several years later to try again, but the miracle worked only once. He operated on me a second time and found my internal anatomy covered with “cellophane” as scar tissue. He said I probably could not have another baby and he was right.

But it does not matter we have a daughter. She just turned 9 years old.

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