A Miracle Just Happened

Author Sami Darby

I had just delivered my baby. But she was too big and came out facing sideways so I ended up with a 4th degree tear, fractured pelvis and a large amount of blood loss.

As soon as I heard my baby cry I leaned back and relaxed grateful she was ok. My husband hugged me and told me I did a good job before he went to check on our daughter.

Then I was floating. It was weird. I always assumed that when I died I would look down and see my body. But that didn’t happen. I was just floating. It was also pitch black everywhere I looked. I could still hear the nurses and doctor but it was distant and muted somehow.

I wasn’t afraid, although I’m terrified of dying. I felt so calm and peaceful. It felt good.

Then all of a sudden I felt a warm and comforting hand on my forehead and someone whispered “it’s not your time yet Sami”.

Next thing I knew I was back in the hospital. I expected someone to be next to me with a hand on my head. But no one was there! The doctor was stitching me up with a couple nurses help. And my husband was feeding our baby.

He saw me awake and got up to bring my daughter to me. A nurse tried to stop him saying it wasn’t safe yet for me to hold her but he shrugged her off saying “My wife has waited her whole life for this little girl. If she’s gonna die I’m gonna make sure she gets to at least hold the child she has dreamed about her entire life. So back off!” She did.

I felt weak but I was able to hold my baby without help. I looked in her eyes and knew a higher power had saved me. I started crying and quietly said thank you as I held her close.


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