Gifts Made With Love

Author Sumer Rose

I love crafting. I like to sew, glue and create. I try to create something unique that the person it’s intended for would actually appreciate and use. So a few things I have made over the years.

Older family is probably the hardest. I did a painted snowman ornament with my kids finger prints, picture magnets, a terrarium that the kids made clay desert figures for. Little dough ornaments that had pictures of the kids with grandparents.

Since my kids aren’t cute and little anymore I make food. One thing I’m really good at is cooking, so I make a meal and give that. I give things I’ve canned, like jelly and cowboy candy. This year I plan on giving bbq sauce.

For my girlfriends and sister-in-laws I once made them glitter pasties for their nipples. Gave a quick tutorial on how to make the tassles twirl. That was actually loads of fun we laughed really hard and shared stories of the after effect.

I’ve taken favorite shirts of theirs and made them bags. I’ve given written memories, reasons I love you gifts; works for everyone. I’ve made coupons for… umm “favors”. Bracelets for my mom, a necklace for my mother-in-law. The personality of who you’re giving for plays a large part on what you give.

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