Vedic Math

Author Prithvi raj Verman

its a story of my nephew who is 11 years old now.

Some 5 years back a cousin of mine who was in 8th grade was playing at my place, I was having lunch and suddenly I got an idea of giving them some mathematical brain teasers, so I gave them some problems(lowest level) related to proportions. my nephew who was just 6 years old easily solved them within some seconds even before my cousin.

When I was of his age I used to have flowing nose and torn shirt and a lot of scolding because of my IQ level. I gave him a quite tough example and he still managed to solve it.

One day last year I was teaching him some techniques from vedic maths and gradually went to some complex examples. At a certain point he showed me a complete new technique he learnt by himself while learning that formulas.

That was extremely shocking.

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