6 AM

Author Kelly Jenic

By the time my daughter was 4 she had developed the routine habit of waking up at 6am. Didn’t matter what day of the week it was, she was up at the crack of dawn.

Normally she would play in her room for about a half hour, making enough noise that I would hear her and eventually wake up to start the day with her. But this day was different.

During the Friday evening prior to this particular Saturday morning I had decided to have a few friends over and ended up staying up pretty late. She of course, had gone to bed at her normal time of 8pm.

At 2am I climbed into bed, exhausted, and the next thing I knew there were two little fingers prying my eyelids open. With her big brown eyes about two inches from mine she whisper, “Momma, are you awake in there?” After realizing that my heart could survive from going 0–100 in 2.6 seconds, I looked at her, giggled, and said “I am now!” http://bit.ly/2NWXWen

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