Stumbling Blocks

Author Loic Henry

At age 17, I fail the bac (I crash miserably on my strongest subject and pass just under the bar of catch-ups). I am in the 36th under, traveling during the announcement of the results, I think very seriously about suicide that night. But I’m not the type to give up, and I decide to retry the coup the following year. It was not quite a lost year, because it allowed me to put the concept of studies into perspective, because that was what determined my whole life and my future.

At the age of 19, I joined the law school of my city. Very bad operation, it is one of the hardest in France and I pick myself up in beauty (average 4.5). I take it well because I had planned a plan B, the language school, and then it was very enriching intellectually.

At age 20, I join the faculty of languages ​​in LLCE (English Literature). For fear of having to take the German I avoid taking LEA (it takes 2 languages ​​indeed in LEA). And that does not compromise my goal: to become a translator. Again this is a bad operation. I do not have the stuff for literary texts and linguistics plumb my notes. I decided to change my studies, to move to LEA and to take advantage of it to live in another city and become a little more independent.

At age 21, I join the faculty of languages ​​in LEA. I get my year finding a transcript error that makes me go 10.01 average. 3 years to get my L1 on the edge of the razor and having cheated at one of the exams (thankfully by the way!).

At the age of 22, I still change course and decide to go to Strasbourg to perfect my German, because the level in the south is too low to hope to have an operational level quickly. Bad operation again. The lack of translation courses does not make up for my shortcomings in German. I take an eliminatory mark on the final exam (6.98 for the EU of German, whereas I had to have 7 to validate the year). Until then, in 4 years, I only succeeded once my end of year exams. So I decide to play the card of ease, I go back to my hometown to enjoy a year of transition to prepare my Erasmus.

At 23 and until I’m 27 … I pass all my exams. At the age of 27, I leave the Strasbourg School of Translation with a Master’s degree in Technical Translation with honors.

How did I get there? I learned from my years of failure and I kept looking at it for 7 years because that was what I wanted to do with my life.

And even today when at 31 years old I’m in professional failure (being self-employed is not a sinecure) and I’m just going down the slope because of my personal life, I know it’s still what I want to do with my life. These repeated failures have forged me.

I could lose the use of my hands and legs as I know I could continue this job and would like to continue it.

In summary, a failure is the best learning opportunity that life gives you. Find your goal and do not give up. I hope my story will help you put things into perspective. I end my commentary on the last two verses of Rudyard Kipling’s poem yew. This poem had an insane impact on my life, and even today I can not read it without being moved.

If you can meet Triumph after Defeat  And to receive these two liars from the same front,  If you can keep your courage and your head  When all the others will lose them,  So Kings, Gods, Luck and Victory  Will be forever your submissive slaves,  And, what is better than Kings and Glory  You will be a man, my son.

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