Car Mechanic

Author Jen Wilson

I had just bought a new car and it pulled on one side when I accelerated.

I know cars a little bit and I knew it was the differential that was involved.

I took it back to the dealer and told what’s going on. We inevitably found ourselves in a long condescending exchange of about 10 minutes with the guys from the concession.

In the first place, he did not believe me. And he kept saying it was a new car and I was not used to drive it yet.

After I finally convinced him that it did pull on one side, he began to insist that it was a tire or alignment problem. I told him that I had already looked at it, he became even more patronizing  explaining to me, as one would do to a 5 years old child, that the differential system is present only in front-wheel drive vehicles, and that since the vehicle is a 4 wheel drive, I was obviously wrong.

He even literally laughed at me.

What was to happen happened and I got a little upset. So, as I know how to do it, I made my own condescending remark a level 10 one.

“Listen, darling. It is not a 4WD, it is a transmission with a temporary four-wheel drive. And since you clearly do not understand the difference, I’ll tell you that it works like a four wheel drive 90% of the time. Believe it or not, my breasts do not use my brain as your cock seems to use yours. So check this damn problem. Or leave me here, I’ll check myself and you can do something useful, like making a sandwich. “

I was pretty proud of my little jab. And that had the effect I wanted. He finally checked the problem, and, of course, he found that the computer was sending the wrong amount of power to one of the wheels, which caused the pull problem on one side.

Oh really ? It’s not possible !

And the best part is coming. There were some guests in the lobby. One of them had a very professional look, a guy in a suit. It’s a small space, so he heard the whole conversation, and he suddenly spoke up saying, “So, the repair is free, isn’t  it? “

The guy sitting in the office said, “What are you talking about? “

“She was right and you spent more time debating than checking her car. So, because you made her waste his time, the repair is free, isn’t it? “

Basically, he asked the other guy to repair my car, completely free of charge.

Which was diabolically great. I mean, I was just happy to know that I was right and that I had embarrassed the guy in front of all his clients. But getting the car repaired for free was even better.

I offered to pay a drink to this guy to thank him and offered him my number, but he only shrugged and said that my thanks were not necessary. He had not done it to try to get anything from me, he had done it because, in his words, “being a dick head should have consequences” I mean, I do not think I’ve ever met anyone who has restored my faith in humanity so much as this guy.

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