Economy Class or Business Class?

Emmanuel Florac

I was upgraded once on a Paris-San Francisco Air France flight. It’s another world. In addition at the time it was on 747, so on the upper deck, far from the paupers piling up in the lower floor.

We are welcomed with champagne, we are superbly seated, we are offered blankets and cushions, we have a real menu, a tablecloth and cutlery, we eat roast lamb chops with small subtle accompaniments, we have entry, dish and dessert with an assortment of wines; then we have coffee, digestif, and there is a bar in the back to stretch your legs – although given the size and comfort of the chair … In short we are pampered, and we sleep like a baby sated in a calm Olympian, with plenty of food and drinks (“do you get a good old Armagnac vintage?” “Do you prefer a Darjeeling tea or a TGFOP Assam?”).

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