Psychological Tips

Author Laura Cerbini

Use these little tips to improve your relationship with others and make them closer to you.

• Ask “What questions do you have?” Instead of “Do you have questions?” It is simply that the first results in questions and the last one in silence.

• Be kind, even to unpleasant people. There is something charming in the transition of an angry person against a person in a better mood.

• To avoid problems in the workplace and improve your relationships with your colleagues, tell good things about them when you talk to other people.

• If you use headphones without activating music, it will be easier for people to say interesting things when you are next to them.

• First, ask for something you are not going to get, then something you really want. This is called the “door-to-face technique”.

• Do not apologize, but thank people. So say “Thank you for your patience!” Instead of “Sorry for being late”. Thus, you will divert the attention of your faults and you will highlight the qualities of the people with whom you interact. • If you need to criticize someone, start by saying something positive, then expose your criticism and finish with something positive again. This will make it easier for them to take your criticism in a more positive way.

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