How to be more beautiful

Author  Hana Marie, seduction coach

It’s simple, indifference is sexy.

To be more beautiful, one must be charismatic.

Being charismatic means developing one’s talents, working on oneself and one’s successes, and then attracting people naturally.

You want to be beautiful? Become aware of your value. Be aware, that you are intelligent, intriguing, that you have something extra and that it’s more for people to run after you, or to look at you than yours to look at others people.

Seduce them, by your insurance and your availability.

People in the category not sexy, will be crazy about you, will think only of you, even in secret in a shameful way. They will look at you with a discreet eye, but they will look for you, even if you do not look for anyone’s eyes.

To be charismatic, there is no need to be beautiful but if you are, it’s better. Independence, that’s nice. Feel good about yourself, have good energy and try to make fun of it and move on, if you do not please the people you like.

Many people are unique, intelligent and charismatic, striking, different, so if you miss your attempt with someone, zap.

Be proud of yourself, of all that you have achieved so far in your life and continue your journey, your momentum and your goals and continue to work on your charisma, because it can make a person not necessarily beautiful physically, even more attractive that people who are very physically beautiful, but sad.

It is this inaccessible link, that self-sufficient person who loves himself (or herself) enough not to need to run after the love and heart of others, which makes her (or him) so attractive and so fascinating.

Have you ever been attracted or fascinated by inaccessible people who seem detached and do not seem to be watching you?

Oh yes, one last thing. To be more beautiful is a matter of anchoring. If you are whole and love yourself enough so that you do not have to draw from others, that you are already happy when being alone and that you are satisfied, that you are well in your body and your shoes, with your passions and your own love, your values, you will be beautiful in the eyes of people who will think of you in secret.

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