Forbiden Entrance

Author Ananya Tripathi

In the second year of engineering school, there was a very strict teacher. He was very punctual and used to insult latecomers. He had clearly advised us to come on time or not to come at all.

One day we had to return our homework, but my friend was late. As it was the last day allowed to make this assignment, she could not skip the course. She took her courage in both hands and asked the teacher if she could enter.

Friend: Can I enter sir?

He looks at her as if she’s committed a crime or eaten his pizza.

Professor: Since you know that latecomers are not allowed in my class and you dare to ask anyway, I hope you have a good reason otherwise you will have big problems.

Friend: A guy got into my scooter and I fought with him.

Professor: So, what do I do? It must have been your fault. If you girls put your blinker right and turn left, what can a guy do?

Friend: Sir, that’s exactly what happened.

The professor seemed very satisfied and at the same time intrigued because he had predicted well but why would he accept it as an excuse?

Professor: You see. I knew it.

Friend: Umm … sir, you misunderstood. I mean, I put my blinker on the right and turned right. But the guy still got me inside. When I asked him why, he gave the same answer as yours. He also thought I would turn left after putting my blinker right so he did not slow down. So I fought with him.

The whole class burst out laughing. The teacher smiled too. He could not believe what had happened and allowed her to enter the classroom.

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