The excuse letter

Author Dennis Manning

My son punched a bully in his face at school today and his teacher made writing an apology letter his homework assignment. How do I help my son standing for himself. If I tell the teacher he’s not doing it, am I wrong?

Yes. You are. You want your son to know you support him against bullies. You want the teacher to understand your son’s thought processes. Here’s how:

To: (Teacher and bully’s name)

From: (Your son)

Stemming from the incident that happened on (date) it has been suggested to me that I write this apology letter as a homework assignment. At first I was disinclined to do this, but then I realized the teacher was right.

When a person gets bullied, they tend to get to a point where they just want it to stop, and lash out. I lost my cool…and I apologize for that. There are better ways to stop the bullying I endured.

I should have told the teacher that if the bullying didn’t end, I would be forced to take drastic measures. Seeing as constantly telling my parents and teachers didn’t end the bullying, I felt I was left with no other recourse but to lash out.

I’m sorry that my teacher was not aware of my being bullied.

I’m sorry for the teacher’s class getting disrupted, even though I was not at fault.

I’m sorry that I’m going to upset a lot of people when I have my parents come down to the school and demand to know why I was allowed to be bullied.

I’m sorry that my parents are inconvenienced in having to rectify this situation that was not of my making.

What I am not sorry for is standing up for myself. No person should ever be victimized. I’m in school to learn skills to survive in the adult world, not survival skills to get me through school.

If this letter offends you, I’m sorry you feel that way.

I will not be victimized. I will stand up against a bully. And I’m sorry if the concept eludes you.

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