The Bathtub

Author Théo Sallou

My best friend’s 5-year-old son stayed with me for a week (my friend and her husband went on vacation). I was pregnant at the time.

One evening, after having brought him back from the park, I was walking home, panting. As soon as he returned, he disappeared into the bathroom.

I could hear the water flowing, but I did not pay attention. I thought he was washing his hands.

While he was doing his business, I went to the kitchen to warm up the meal, I saw him pull a chair towards the bathroom. Obviously, it was not normal. So I followed him into the bathroom, but he asked me not to come in for two minutes.

When he finally opened the door, he had filled the tub with hot water, added soap for bubbles, cologne for smells (he probably did not realize that the soap also had an odor) . And he had kept the chair just outside the tub so I could sit and soak my feet in the hot water. He said that’s what his dad did when his mom was waiting for his brother. It removes all the pains he said!

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