Getting closer to the ideal

Getting closer to the ideal

Author Fabien Perrin

Two years ago, I hated my life. Starting new studies, in a new city, I decided to change completely and become the one I wanted to be.

To do this, I bought a beautiful notebook that made me want to write.

On the first pages, I described in detail a portrait of the one I wanted to be one day. I described exactly how I envisioned my relationships with others in five years, how I wanted to be perceived, and how I wanted to feel along the way.

The next day, I did not do anything different from the previous days, but in the evening, I wrote on my notebook how my day had made my life come closer to the ideal that I had imagined or, on the contrary, had removed it.

And so, all the following nights I did the same. As I wrote, I understood how to change, how to be a different person. Today, I still have three years to become the one I decided to be two years ago. It is not won yet, but I have never been so close, and I hope that what I have told you will allow you to do the same.

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