Exchange of Professionnals

Author Loic Boursin

I was doing a job interview with a candidate for an administrative position. The conversation went very well, but I felt some hesitation in some of his answers. I asked him :

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”, A classic question that can sometimes help, or not.

She looked at me for a long moment and replied:

“I need this job, you and your company seem to be good, the money and the benefits are very convincing, but there is at least a hour and a half between my home and your business. … on a quiet day In five years, I hope I will be working in a place much closer to home than this company.

Astonished, I sat up in my chair and replied:

“Your honesty makes me even more eager to recruit you than it was a few minutes ago, but I understood what you told me, give me a service, please.” business hall, and relax for about half an hour.I want to talk a little more with you, but I need a few minutes of thought. “

Twenty minutes later, I called her back to my office. I told her :

“If anyone ever learns what I’m about to do, I’ll say it never happened.”

She started talking, but I asked her to wait until I finished, and I continued:

“I have a good friend at one of our competitors, he just hired a very good assistant, who unfortunately lives far enough away from their business, but is four blocks away from you. We just exchanged you like baseball players. His assistant is on his way to join us. If you wish, you can meet my friend at his office. In this document you will find a description of the position there, their benefits and compensation. You will see that this job right next to your house is almost identical to the one I was proposing here, what do you think? “

She stuttered, “I … I … could never …”

“Yeah, I’ve never done that myself either, you’d better run before there were traffic jams.”

The exchange of staff went very well. The lady I interviewed spent the rest of her career as a senior administrator at my competitor friend. He thanked me a lot over time. The girl he sent me spent several years climbing the ladder of our company. She was finally transferred to the company’s sales department, and has been making a lot of money for several years now. All’s well That ends well.

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