The Train Station

Author Océane Thon

The first time we made our first bike trip with a friend, we decided to take a train ride past a small station and noting that a train passes 10 ‘later. We take the express tickets’ and leaving the ticket office, we have 3 minutes left to get on the train; to do this, you have to take an “aerial bridge” with stairs. Knowing that we were two candid travelers each carrying a 40 kilos on the bikes, we saw this mountain, shouting a little under the stress effect, “ah we will not get there!”. But no time to give up, we start with two to wear a bike too slowly.

Arriving at the top of the first staircase, we hear the sound of the train arrive, ayayay !! This is where a man comes to rescue us, then a couple. It was one of the most beautiful spontaneous help to me. I still have a lot of gratitude for these people that I could not even recognize. Thank you.

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