The Thailand welcome

Author Marie-Anna Morand

I was expatriate in Thailand.

In the middle of the city, on a crowded sidewalk, in the middle of the night. I got off the taxi and … my back’s lumbar got horribly stuck and painful.

I find myself bent in two, unable to walk, in the middle of tourists, street food vendors, prostitutes, customers, lady-boys, coconut stalls, drunk guys … All the life of ‘a big seaside resort in the area and I head between my knees, restraining myself from screaming as much as possible. And nobody to call to pick me up.

I take refuge in a small alley, with windows, sellers of clothes and handbags, masseurs, pharmacists, grocers …

And there, all the traders came out of their respective shops at the same time. One took out a stool. Another prepared me a tea. Another gave me cut fruits. Two masseuses took care of me, directly in the middle of the path, with a lot of softness. The pharmacist gave me a pill, I never knew what it was … They were all around me, smiling and caring, until I could get up and walk again.

I wanted to give them money. They all refused. I left feeling troubled and moved by so much kindness.

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