Author Brigitte Gauthier

I am not always happy. I experience every emotions from time to time. I would say that I am happy 98% of the time.

My 1st trick is to accept that everything is the way it is because there is no other way it could be. In other words, everything is perfect even though we would like them differently. Once you accept what life is offering, you deal with what you have without feeling hurt.

My 2nd trick is to consider what you have to deal with (your job, your money situation, your health, your love life) with love. Start to voluntarily love your job since you spend many hours per day doing it. Then voluntary love every aspects of your life.

Voluntarily love is done by giving attention. Count your blessings, give some of yourself to improve it. For example, take care of yourself to improve your health. Learn some skills to improve your money situation, give your love life some attention to improve it. Think about what you need and go get it. Take responsibility.

It will take some time, patience and practice. You will want to forget about what I said and just continue to feel annoying emotions. Do not worry. When you are ready, these tricks will fill your sole with happiness.

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