The Lost Phone

Author Hager Barcous

I lost my phone on the train, I felt like I had lost a family member or a dear friend.

I stressed a good shot. I cried, then I decided to come back to the restaurant where I had eaten while still hoping to find him.

I kept calling from a friend’s phone. The problem is that that day I went to Ventimiglia, my number was therefore unreachable. suddenly someone answered me. An unknown person found it and gave it to the agents of the lost property office in Cannes!

I could not thank this person, but I was so happy to find my phone that I left the same day in Ventimiglia to celebrate.

The same phone I lost it Two days ago in Aix en Provence. I would run in the rain not to miss my bus. He fell from my bag without me noticing. When I realized it I asked a passerby in the street to lend me his phone, I called and there an unknown person answers me and said that she found it.

This time I had the opportunity to thank her from the bottom of my heart !!!

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