The Italian Welcome

Author Karen Kamidian

One day on vacation with my girlfriend in Sicily, we arrived at a train station and before going to the hotel we decided to take the return ticket to Naples so as not to have to deal with it at the last moment ( it was 88, no internet and with a very average Italian, it was easier to buy the ticket directly in the station).

So, at the ticket office, we ask to book 2 trips to Naples. The clerk calls the central reservation, the communication is bad, it hangs 2/3 times … Since it might take time, the 3 employees of this small station invite us to go to the other side of the box to wait for the time they resent the reservation.

Time passes … they explain how the regulation of trains, we learn a lot about their job and in the end, they suggest we go back or try at another time by phone from the hotel.

Well, speaking of the hotel, it was just time to go … (2h we were in the station) and we asked them our way; and there, surprise, the hotel is not 500m as described by the reception of the hotel but 3 km …

Naturally, we ask if they can tell us a taxi station and the, the station master beckons us to follow him, we arrive at a Renault 5, he makes us get in even before we understand his intentions and here we are in front of the hotel in 5 minutes. He did not want me to compensate him or even take a drink to thank him.

Years later, in Italy again, we lost ourselves on foot in the very residential suburbs of a city in Puglia. By dint of wanting to show pretty trulli to our children we take unknown roads and we lost ourselves.

Southern Italy in August is 40/45 ° C in the shade, and we had a big bottle of water that could have been enough but it was before we saw the head of our dog, who obviously was suffering from the heat.

To avoid wasting too much time, we ask our way to a house whose gate was open. The owner’s son seeing the dog’s head not only gave him a drink (but that we had already done) but started to water it directly with the water jet! On this, they bring us into their garden, we offer snacks, fruits … We left with a stock of dried fruit, jar of jam and what do I know in the car of the uncle of our host until ‘to our rental. Memorable!

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