Author Jessie Vila

Have you had that feeling of emptiness when you came home from work? A day that has a vague after-taste of existential crisis?

I was in the middle, wondering about the meaning of my life, that of the mother who dragged energetically her daughter who was pining by the hand, that of the homeless who held a sign disillusioned … In short, you see the genre.

In normal times, I always make an effort to smile. The intensity varies. When my eyes are meeting a stranger, I smile to communicate a little humanity. I live in London and frankly, this city needs it.

Lost in these happy thoughts, I met the look of a young man in a suit; the corners of my mouth were cemented, I had neither the strength nor the desire to smile.

And there, miracle. He smiled at me. A big one, a real one.

And just like that, I felt better. The weight of this shitty day evaporates little by little.

The kindest thing a stranger did for me is that; make me understand that I was not the only one.

Not the only one to have doubts, not the only one to smile to strangers, not the only one to be happy, sad, uncertain…

Thanks to him!

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