An Happy Homeless Man

Author Lei Mié

At the train station of Paris East, I was quietly waiting for my train which was a little late.

An SDF approached and sat next to me. He began by making a remark about the delay of the train and then we began to discuss everything normally. We started laughing, making jokes. I had rarely seen a Parisian with so much joy, so much joie de vivre. I still remember the astonished look of other people sitting next to us …

During our discussion he gave me a lot of advice related to what he experienced, his experience of life, the mistakes he made during his youth, his regrets …. His story moved me a lot. At the arrival of my train we made a big hug before thanking him and wishing him good luck. I hope his situation has improved.

The day after our discussion I decided to change. To begin, help my mother more in her daily tasks. She realized that, of course. Since then my mother always calls him the Benefactor !!! Society often forgets that before being in this situation, they were like you and me. They are paying their mistakes or they were hit by the spell.

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