A Lesson

Author Cezar Fetu

I drove extremely fast on ice, with my 18-year-old girlfriend. I had no experience, someone cut my way and to avoid it I pressed the brakes.

I lost control of the car and crashed it into a brand new audi 100 (2 months) in a country where having a car, any one, even if it was a scrap metal 20 years old like mine, it was difficult to acquire.

I completely screwed up the car on all sides by pushing it into a wall and a building. It was parked 50 meters from all access roads, only one UFO could have touched this vehicle.

The owner came, I tried to apologize and he said, “It’s nothing, my boy, it happens. It’s just scrap. We can repair. What is important is that you are alive.

He took us to the hospital, then to the police and then he dropped us off at home. That’s where I learned how to behave if I’m involved in a car accident. The poor guy / girl who has already made a big mistake does not need to be yelled at. Hat, it was a nice lesson to receive for my 18 years!

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