Author Matthieu Geoffroy

I was10 or 11 years old. I took the wrong bus back from college and I found myself in a place completely unknown to me: a downtown bus station. There was a lot of noises, movements, and so many people running in all directions. I was lost, alone, I did not understand anything about everything that was happening around me. I was terrified.

I think I stayed at least a minute without moving, just looking around with tears in my eyes before a bus stopped next to me. The driver came down and asked me where I was going. I had to answer something like “home”. He took the time to reassure me, He told me something like “a man does not cry” so I tried to dry my tears. I ended up telling him where I wanted to go. He took me to the bus that was going there. I was not very reassured. He took the time to show me that this bus was going well at home and he discussed with his colleague.

The second driver made me sit right behind him. That was before there was such nasty Plexi separations between drivers and passengers, so he was able to talk to me all the way. He explained to me how a bus works, what the driver job is and everything and everything. When we arrived at my stop, he made sure I was in the right place and I was able to go back home after what I long considered a hell of a journey. I could never thank these two people enough.

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