Pursued by a Stranger

Author Sébastien Vogt

In 4th, I was on a school trip to Venice. With friends we had fun to collect coins from a fountain, we suspected that it should not be done but the lure of profit was the strongest! We would become millionaires thanks to this plan, or almost!

Suddenly an Asian tourist (well, I guess) calls us from afar and points to me. We panic! Save who can, we run like rabbits. God knows that 13-year-old rabbits go on the run! Our pursuer does not let go, he runs after us, obviously it’s after me that he has some. Impossible to sow, the crowd is dense and it’s hard to get ahead. In addition he run as fast as we do, despite his oooooooold age to my eyes (he should not have more than thirty in reality I think).

Finally, like the hero of a movie, I decide to sacrifice myself for the common good.

-Go there guys, I’m going to get bawled, say nothing to teachers or we no longer have our next free time!

I stop, I turn around, I face my destiny. My life is passing before my eyes. I lived well! I should have told this girl that I loved her, too late, he approaches. He is out of breath the Asian grandpa thirty. He looks at me from his huge meter sixty, takes a breath. I close my eyes “goodbye to life, I hope I was a good son”. My friends are there, a few meters to burn in their retinas my last moments.

I open my eyes again, I’m ready! I am not afraid of death because the wise man is always ready to leave.

The stranger takes another step forward … and hands me my wallet, which I had dropped near the fountain, leaning over to pick up coins! Thank you Pursuillustrious stranger, because it contained all my life: the equivalent in lire of at least 50 francs and my canteen card! You did not run for nothing!

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