Client Service

Author Zee Hamid

Story #1

“Hello, Amazon. I ordered a $ 1000 camera lens and apparently it was shipped, but I did not receive it. “

“I’m sorry sir, did you look for it? Maybe the delivery man hid it under a bush in your garden. “

“Yes, I looked everywhere, I do not have it.”

“I’m sorry sir, we’ll send you a replacement.”

“The thing is, I’m leaving for my trip tomorrow and I would like to have it before.”

“I understand, I’ll send it to you by FedEx, so you have it before tomorrow at 10 am.”

“Thank you so much !”

2 weeks later:

“Hmm, hello Amazon. I called you two weeks ago about a pretty expensive photo lens that you sent me because I said I had never received it. “

“Okay, and what about it ?”

“Uh, I’m sorry but it was delivered in fact. It was in my mailbox, I did not look inside. “

“Do not worry sir, just send it back to us. Do you have a printer to print the return label? “

In a nutshell: Amazon sent me a $ 1,000 dollar photo lens overnight, just because I said I did not get the original, when I actually received it not seen because I was stressed out.

Story #2 Turkish Airlines

“Hey, thank you for upgrading me to business class for this international flight because you overbooked the economy class. I travel with my colleague and I would like to sit with him. I see that the business class is half empty. Can you please bring him, since I’m already here? “

“Of course, sir, I’m going to upgrade him too.”

In summary: Turkish Airlines upgraded me to business class on an international flight because the economy class was overbooked. They also upgraded my colleague because I said we were traveling together.

Story #3 Hotel Kimpton

“Hello, Kimpton?”

“Hello Mr. Hamid, how can we help you?”

What? How do they know? Oh yes, the caller ID.

“I signed up for your karma points, I would like to get credit for the previous stay.”

“I see you stayed from xx to yy in Seattle. I added your points to this stay, they should appear online. Can I help you with something else? “

Wait? I do not have to give you information? Oh yes, the Caller ID gave them my number that is linked to my account. Awesome.

“No, thanks to you.”

“No, thank you Mr. Hamid for giving me the opportunity to serve you. Have a great day.”

In summary: I called the Kimpton Hotel to claim loyalty points, it lasted 30 seconds and they solved the problem without giving me any information.

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