Author Aurélie Marguerite

I was 19 years old and I left home to move alone to the other side of Europe. Nobody took me seriously (except my grandmother) and in the morning, my mother did not even bother to say goodbye. In fact, this morning no one said hello, good-bye, good luck or anything. I walked alone to the station with my two large suitcases. I was upset because I was finally going to begin my adult life, in a country where I did not know anyone and I did not speak the language yet, I felt alone and I struggled with my suitcases that were too heavy.

An old man stopped by moped and offered me his help to carry my bags to the station. It really seemed to make him happy to help me. We talked on the way, he asked me what I was doing and where I was leaving. I told him I was going to live in Finland. He was surprised, but also radiant, this news seemed to impress him. He was the first that day to wish me good luck and to watch the train leave, as if I were part of his family.

This meeting had comforted me a lot and I had recovered my energy and my courage for the long journey that was waiting for me. I then met several people during my journeys that welcomed me, supported and accompanied.

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