Author John Gallant

My girlfriend is from Philippine and one of her business is a boarding house and another a shop. One year I was visiting her and chatted to one of her neighbors in the shop. The next day she told me he had died. He had an asthma attack and hadn’t been able to afford the medicine.

In January 2019 I returned. In February one of her lodgers (who I had got to know, was 23 and just completed a degree in banking) started having problems breathing. I said we are taking you to the hospital. “ please don’t take me I cant afford it and I’m scared of hospitals” I said you are going and dragooned him off on a tricycle. It was an allergy reaction to some shell fish he had eaten his airways were closing up and he could have easily died. I paid for his hospital treatment and stay and someone stayed with him all the time he was in.

He is just starting on his career. I told my girlfriend to tell him to forget about trying to repay the money. That at some point in his life he will be in a similar position as I was and he will do the same for someone else.

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