Author Mitch Cormier

I lived in Winnipeg. For the most part, the land is pretty flat. There was a guy that had this older 1/2 ton truck that he was modifying. He obviously had it out for a short run and the engine quit on him.

He opened the driver door and was pushing his truck. I told my wife I’m going to help him push his truck. She took the milk and eggs home while I put my hands on the tail gate and started pushing. He was surprised that the truck suddenly seemed lighter and saw me pushing the truck. Within a block, my wife came up behind us in the van and stayed behind us with the 4 way flashers on.

Were about 3 blocks from where we started and saw an older guy walking his little dog. We asked the guy, could he steer the truck, while we continued to push. Yup, so we continued to push. It was about 8 blocks in total. At the end, the guy said he didn’t have any beer to pay me with, or any money to offer. I told him, just pay it forward some day. Old guy, said, he only steered the truck, it was nothing. He just continued to walk his little dog. We shook hands and I never saw him, the truck, or the old guy with the little dog.

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