Author Roshan


Author Roshan

About twenty years ago, my family lived in a village of 500 inhabitants in the Himalayas. The trucks were often out of order at the time and there was no towing. The drivers had to go to the nearest town, determine with the mechanic what was broken, return with the spare parts and the mechanic to repair the truck on site. It was done with no hurt if the necessary money was available… This inconvenience can cause up to a week of delay when the breakage is major.

A truck broke down in front of our house. In this truck, there was an experienced driver and a fifteen-year-old apprentice. The driver went to the city and asked the apprentice to stay on the spot and monitor the goods. The wait lasted 4 days. This young man, in full growth had to eat! We welcomed him, fed him, provided pillow and blanket (It was winter) for the duration of the setback. Then he left with the repaired truck.

Fifteen years later …

My dad went to the city and was trying to stop a taxi to continue shopping and come home. Luck was not with him and he had to wait on the side of the road. A truck stopped and the driver invited him to go up. The Samaritan then asked my father if he recognizes him. Uh … “I’m the apprentice you helped during the truck breakdown.”

My parents are passionate about the concept of paying it forward and they have passed this value to many who have crossed their path.

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