From Halifax to Winnipeg

Author Mitch Cormier

I was on the highway, traveling through Northern Ontario. Were moving from Halifax to Winnipeg. We are towing a trailer with all our worldly goods. The van started to lose power, and lose power and lose power. Eventually the van quit, and I coasted to the side of the road.

I called CAA and knew, we were in for a wait.

About 20 minutes later, some guy pulls up. Asks me if I gassed up at such and such a station. Sure did. He said, they had water in their gas and that’s likely why I’m on the side of the road. Drops in a small bottle of gasoline antifreeze in my gas tank and asks me to start up the car. It rolls over a few times and catches. Runs rough for a few minutes with lots of smoke. Evens out and were on the road.

He asks me to pay it forward. WHAT? But I owe you for the gas line antifreeze. Nope, just pay it forward.

This wasn’t the end of this fiasco. We eventually make it to Sault St Marie and were about an hour out. Van is losing power again. I see a gas station and we coast to a stop.

A trucker sees me eyeballing the engine. Asks what is wrong. I tell him about the guy on the road. He tells me, very likely the fuel filter is plugged up. We go inside and get a lawn mower fuel filter. He cuts the fuel line, and puts in this $2.50 part. I get in the van and VROOM! Were on the road again.

Can’t thank this guy enough. Again, tells me to pay it forward.

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